Week 10 base picks points:  91 (corrected)
2017 Season total base pick points: 741 (corrected)
No luck for me this week, but we seem to be in a more normal situation of mostly favorites and a few underdogs winning. We had three upsets this week only.

Here are the first look picks:
Updated Tue 6 PM Eastern


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Green Picks: 1. Chicago 2. Tennessee 3. Oakland
Chicago is looking like the pick this week, with a 43% win probability and 10% picked. If you need to take more risk, go with Tennessee with 27% win probability but only 5% picked.
Yellow Picks: 1. Cincinnati 2. Dallas
The Bungles are the new Jaguars and Bills as they make it back into the money picks this week again. The Zeke-less Cowboys are a decent pick, as they almost made green territory with a 37%/12% line.
Blue picks: 1. Baltimore 2. Tampa Bay 3. Arizona
Pretty good value blue picks this week, with Baltimore slashing 54%/41%. The Winstonless Bucs are a good value pick too at 48%/33%.