Week 12 base picks points: 117
2017 Season total base pick points:  892
As expected, a high scoring week this week with the big upset being KC laying another egg this week against Buffalo. Otherwise, the only other upset with Arizona beating TB. None of the money picks I tried panned out, however they were relatively close (Indianapolis and the Jets).

Here are the first look picks: 
Green Bay and Tampa Bay have no line, I assume they’re waiting on Jameis Winston’s status (and not holding out hope for A-A Ron for the Pack).
Update: Jameis Winston will play on Sunday,  that makes TB a great pick.
Updated Tues 2 PM Eastern


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Green Picks: 1. Cincinnati 2. Houston, Arizona
Lots of green and greenish picks this week, led by the Bungles at 31%/6%.
Yellow Picks: 1 Tampa Bay (!) 2. SF, Carolina
With the news that Winston is playing, TB’s win probability gets a huge bump. If your league is slow to respond, this may be a great opportunity. A 55%/15% is really good. Carolina would be the next best pick followed by perennial money pick SF.
Blue Picks: 1. Denver 2. Baltimore
Denver is a good pick at 53%/36%, but in this case best to go with TB unless you’re a Packer fan.