Week 14 base picks points: 71
2017 Season total base pick points: 1066
Another week of upsets, with 8 favorites going down including the top two, New England and Cincinnati. I whiffed on all my money picks (Indy, Cleveland, and TB) with two of the games going into OT.

Here are this week’s picks:
Buffalo and Miami have no line at the moment.
Update: Buffalo slots in at 8 points as Tyrod Taylor is now probable. 
Updated Thurs 12 PM Eastern


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Green Picks: Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland
Green picks are average this week, with win probabilities between 27% and 31%.
Yellow Picks: Green Bay,  Arizona, and Indianapolis
Green Bay with less risk, Arizona with more risk but more reward. Buffalo and Miami is still dependent on Tyrod Taylor it looks like, if he does not play Miami would count as a good yellow pick.
Blue Pick: San Francisco, add New England
SF seems to be a regular the last few weeks, this week as a blue pick.
New England comes in as a blue pick this week, people down on them because of the Miami loss apparently.