Week 16 base picks points: 124
2017 Season total base pick points: 1323
The favorites didn’t disappoint last week. Two of the money picks hit this week, Cincinnati and SF. The Cincy pick got me second place and in the money. How did you do?

Here are this week’s first look picks:
Updated Wed 12 PM Eastern



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This week shows a lot of no brainer favorites (NE and Pittsburgh are 90%+) but a lot of really good money picks. Apparently people haven’t figured out that some teams are benching their starters. However, if you’re in a strong league, the smart money probably has figured it out so if you want to take a gamble you might want to hit up a green pick.
Green Picks: 1. Tampa Bay 2. Green Bay
When they played each other back in the day, they used to call them “Bay of Pigs.” This week, Tampa is your high risk high reward pick with only 5% of the crowd picking them.
Yellow Picks: 1. Denver, SF. 2. Dallas. 3. NYG
These are really good picks this week, with Denver and SF only 19% and 15% picked but over 60% in win probability.
Blue Pick: Tennessee
Really no reason to go with a blue pick this week, as yellow picks are better. But if you must, Tennessee is the pick here.
This week, I would take a couple of the yellow picks and move them up to maybe 12. No use dropping NE down since they’re favored by so much. If you need to shoot the moon, take TB big and move up a couple of the yellow picks.