Week 1 is in the books! It all started with a KC blowout upset over the Patriots (it’s gonna be an uphill battle to go 16-0 when you start 0-1). Quite an exciting weekend for me, I had the highest score in both of my fantasy leagues. But you’re here for the confidence pool leagues, so here we go.
Base pick score (score you would’ve gotten had you just stuck with the base picks and not played with any money picks): 85

Out of the green money picks, Jacksonville hit over Houston. Did anyone go all in with Jacksonville? In my other league I went with the SF green pick instead of Jacksonville, and I would’ve taken first place had I gone with Jacksonville. In the CPP Members Only league (still time to get in, we drop two weeks and also there are weekly prizes to compete for) @sourbasil took first place, hitting 5 out of 6 upset picks (including the Jacksonville pick).
Week 1 is over. What can we learn from it in our leagues? Post coming soon!
And on to the Week 2 report!
Here are the base picks for this week:
Updated Wed 7 PM Eastern


Here are the “Money Picks,” or picks that you can take a shot at to get into the money. These teams are neglected by the public but have a decent chance of winning. So, you pick one or two of these teams and give it a high confidence point.
These picks will be emailed to Premium members during the season. But for now, here’s a free preview of the picks. If you’re interested in becoming a Premium member,  click here.
Updated Wed 7 PM Eastern
Green picks (high risk, high reward): Philadelphia, New Orleans, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Cleveland
Philly is the best green pick, with a 31% chance of winning and only 6% picked. If you want to take a gamble, maybe the Cleveland Browns will be this week’s Kansas City Chiefs?
Yellow pick (medium risk/reward): Miami
Not a great pick here, wouldn’t recommend going all in here since there are green picks here that are close. Unless you have a gut feel here.
Blue picks (small risk/reward): NYG, Atlanta
For a weekly win, I would go Philly or New Orleans all in. Atlanta and NYG can be bumped up a few points, unless you’re a Packer fan and you just can’t fathom Atlanta winning… As usual, banter with us here or on our members only Facebook group.
Good luck!