Week 6 base picks points:  42
2017 Season total base pick points: 393
One Indianapolis Colts win away from taking first place. Almost got on the board for the season! They just couldn’t do it in the fourth quarter. This week was very low scoring, with only 42 points if you went base picks. There were a ton of upsets this week, including the one I hit on (Packers losing the franchise and the game to Minnesota).

Here are the base picks for week 7. This week I’m opening up the gates and showing all of the premium picks as well. I know people have had issues with being unable to receive the emails for many reasons, so I’m working on a fix that allows me to publish the picks on the site for premium members to see. It hopefully will be done this week in time for week 8. Sorry to all those who have been inconvenienced! Please keep an eye on the TB vs. Buffalo matchup and adjust according to the status of Jameis Winston.
Updated Wed 5 PM Eastern


Here are the “Money Picks,” or picks that you can take a shot at to get into the money.
See here for more details. These teams are neglected by the public but have a decent chance of winning.
(There has been some issues with the emails getting caught in spam for some premium members so I am opening up these picks this week and probably next week too. I am working on a fix that should be done next week )
There’s a lot of uncertainty going on this week as the games appear evenly matched. All are no higher than 70% in win probability. It’s also sad to see our perennial money picks, Jacksonville and Buffalo, promoting themselves to being actual favorites this week.
Green Picks: Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Washington
Green picks aren’t great, as it’s only 31% in probabilities but 7-9% picked. Cincinnati is probably you best bet green pick for this week.
Yellow Picks: Chicago, Indianapolis, Oakland, and Tampa Bay
These picks are much better this week. Oakland and Chicago are your best picks at 13%-14% probabilities.
Blue pick: LA Clippers/Chargers
This is a really good pick with only 27% of the public picking them but a 53% win probability.
Updated Wed 5 PM Eastern

In my leagues, I’ve been noticing a need to go with double all-in picks in order to have a shot at first place. This may be due to people getting smarter over the years (maybe using this site???). Once we get all the issues with the emails sorted out (where’s James Comey these days?), I’ll see about running more analyses to see if the strategy needs tweaking.
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