NOTE: Updated on Friday evening, Ezekiel Elliot playing and Deshaun Watson hurt have changed things up a bit
Week 8 base picks points:  90
2017 Season total base pick points: 595
Week 8 showed almost all favorites winning, which should lead to some pretty high scores again this week. Anyone run the table last week?

Here are this week’s picks:
Updated Fri 9 PM Eastern


See here for more details. These teams are neglected by the public but have a decent chance of winning.
(There has been some issues with the emails getting caught in spam for some premium members so I am opening up these picks again this week.)
Green Picks: Tampa Bay, Washington, and Denver (Update: Add Indianapolis)
Pretty typical picks here, at ~25% win probabilities but 3-5% picked.
Update: With Watson out, Indy becomes a green pick. 
Yellow Picks: NYG, Miami, and NYJ
The yellow picks are almost good enough to be green picks this week, at almost 40% win probabilities but only 12-14% picked. Could be a good week to go double money picks, but with the last two weeks having so many favorites winning I’m a little gun shy about doing that.
Blue Picks: Dallas (Out: Carolina) 
Both blue picks are OK, only 50% win probabilities. Dallas is the higher risk but higher reward pick.
Update: Zeke is in/out/in again, so Dallas becomes a potential money pick. 
Updated Fri 9 PM Eastern

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