Week 9 Base Pick Points: 69

Season Base Pick Points: 782

Both Green Picks were unsuccessful this week despite a late game comeback by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Yellow Picks had mixed results with the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders losing as the Raiders showed why they couldn’t be trusted even when playing a 3rd string QB, while the Houston Texans pulled out a close win. From the Blue Picks the New Orleans Saints was the only team to win, while the Washington Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks struggled to compete against powerful offenses.

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Here are the picks for Week 10:

Here are the game analyses for Week 10 (These game analyses are only here to help you give you more background information so you can make a more educated decision on which of the money picks you want to choose from.): 

Blue Picks:

(6-2) Los Angeles Chargers vs (1-7) Oakland Raiders:
This is the easiest money pick this week, but for some reason the general public are absurdly picking the Raiders to win 38% of the time. One of the worst 3 teams in the league is facing a top 10 team in the league in the Chargers who are coming off an impressive take down of the Seattle Seahawks. With the Chargers having a 83% win percentage this week, they should be picked for everyone this week.

(3-5) Indianapolis Colts vs (3-5) Jacksonville Jaguars:
The Colts will be at home for this divisional matchup, they have struggled early in the season but have since found some rhythm strongly winning back to back games against poor Raiders and Bills teams. The Jaguars have had the opposite fate recently after being dominated in 4 straight games against the great Chiefs team and solid Texans, Cowboys, and Eagles teams. If the Colts’ Andrew Luck can overcome the Jaguars tough pass defense lead by Jalen Ramsey and contain the Jaguars rush offense who’s lead by Leonard Fournette, they should be able to win this close game. The Colt’s are slightly favored at 58% win percentage but are being picked 34% giving you some value should they overcome the Jaguars.

Yellow Picks:

(1-7) New York Giants @ (2-7) San Francisco 49ers:
This is a similar money pick to last week’s Raiders game against the 49ers. The Giants have struggled to win a game all season but unlike the Raiders have significant talent on their roster, just enough to be able to beat the 49ers. The Giants have kept close to their tough competition in the past 4 weeks, losing by 2, 3, and 7 against the Panthers, Falcons, and Redskins respectively. I believe they will have enough fire power off a bye week to go through the stubborn 49ers this week making it a good value pick with only 25% picking them to win.

(6-2) Carolina Panthers @ (5-2-1) Pittsburgh Steelers: 
The Carolina Panthers have been able to win their games when their offense has been hitting on all cylinders, but struggle when one aspect fails. The Panthers will be going on the road to face the hot Pittsburgh Steelers, who have won 4 straight games. With comparable average defenses, this game will most likely come down to a offensive showdown on Thursday Night Football. If the Panthers can play efficiently on offense and keep Pittsburgh’s James Conner silent, then they can get the win over the Steelers. They have good value in this game only being picked 17%.

Green Pick:

(3-5) Dallas Cowboys @ (4-4) Philadelphia Eagles:
The Cowboys after an embarrassing loss to the Titans on Monday Night Football will be on a short week for this game while the upward trending Eagles are coming off a bye. This will be a tough game for the Cowboys as their offensive production which usually relies on Ezekiel Elliott’s performance, will be going up against the Eagles defense who have the lowest rushing yards per game allowed in the league. On the road, the Cowboys will have to be hungry after last week’s loss and find their division rival spirit in order to become a great upset pick with only 11% picking them.

CPP’s Recommended Money Picks: 

Low Risk Picks: Base Picks 

Medium Risk Pick: New York Giants ranked above New York Jets at 10

Higher Risk Pick: Carolina Panthers at 8 AND New York Giants at 10