Week 12 Base Pick Points: 110

Season Base Pick Points: 1015

This was a good week for the favorites as the base picks racked up 110 points since the only 4 losses came from the 4 lowest base point ranked games. The Money Picks had some ups and downs with the the Denver Broncos upset and the Minnesota Vikings being the two bright spots. Our blue pick the Jacksonville Jaguars were reasonably upset. On Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions were unable to get past the Chicago Bears defense as Lions QB Matthew Stafford threw a pick six to give the Bears the lead late in the game and then threw another one on the opponent’s 11 yard line to stall their comeback. The 49ers offense was not able to keep up with Jameis Winston’s strong comeback start as the Buccaneers defense supplied constant pressure on the 49ers’ young QB. The two Green Picks were also unsuccessful as both fell under the strength of their more talented opponents. 

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Week 13 Picks:

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Yellow Picks:

(4-7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs (6-5) Carolina Panthers:

Despite winning last week and ending their 3 game losing streak, the Buccaneers should have really won their past 3 games. They have been recently showing their offensive power that they showed at the beginning of the season which beat the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles. With a more efficient game the Buccaneers could’ve beat the Redskins after they put up 500 yards but only 3 points when they needed 17 to win. Against the Giants Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 3 interceptions before they turned over to Jameis Winston in the 3rd quarter who led them on a 28-17 comeback run before losing in the end 35-38. The Panthers have lost 3 straight games against beatable teams and if the Buccaneers can excel on offense and provide a solid defense like they’ve done before they could extend the Panther’s losing streak to 4.

Green Picks:

(3-8) New York Giants vs (8-3) Chicago Bears:

        The New York Giants have struggled all year to finish games and that continued last week. The Giants against a depleted Philadelphia Eagles team was able to dominate the first half on offense scoring 19 points but failed to incorporate Saquon Barkley enough in the 2nd half to only score 3 points. The Chicago Bears showed how important a great defense is by single handedly winning the game against the Detroit Lions with 2 key interceptions. Declining Giants QB Eli Manning will have a hard time against the Bears stout defense, but they still have enough offensive talent to compete if they play efficiently. The Bears who hope to get starting QB Mitchell Trubisky back this week from an AC shoulder joint injury, could be upset without him as they were only able scored 16 points offensively against the Lions without him.

(3-8) Jacksonville Jaguars vs (6-5) Indianapolis Colts:

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on a 7 game losing streak while the Indianapolis Colts are on a 5 game winning streak. While most of the teams the Jaguars faced weren’t easy teams to beat including the Colts 3 weeks ago, the Jaguars just lost last week to the weakest of the bunch in the Buffalo Bills. The encouraging part of the Jaguars team is that their defense continues to dominate offenses, shutting down every rushing attack over the last 3 weeks including the Colts. They also shut down the Bills and Steelers pass attack since their loss to the Colts who were able to defeat them in that category. To beat the Colts, the Jaguars need all cylinders of their team to be hitting. Seemingly being the reason they haven’t been able to win many games despite their talented roster. At home this time, the Jaguars will need to be on point this week on offense and will need to slow down Andrew Luck in order to win.

(4-6-1) Cleveland Browns @ (8-3) Houston Texans:

        The Cleveland Browns since firing Head Coach Hue Jackson have improved offensively, QB Baker Mayfield even citing himself that Jackson was a hamper on the team. The Browns have since beaten two mid tier teams by double digit points in the Atlanta Falcons and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Houston Texans are an above average team though, now winning 8 straight games beating solid but not impressive teams along the way. The Texans have also won 4 out of those 8 games by 3 points or less. Despite that the Texans are 4-1 at home this year while the Browns are 1-4 on the road. The Browns are capable of pulling out an upset if they are able to make plays on offense against the strong Texans’ defense.