[These are free base picks only, if you are a Premium Member see your premium content here.] Week 15 Base Pick Points: 81  Season Base Pick Points: 1271 (These are the scores you would’ve gotten if you stuck with just our base picks, if you want potential league-winning superior picks then you will need to become a Premium Member). There were 6 upsets this week compared to 7 last week. The most surprising upset was between the statistically least likely to win Philadelphia Eagles and the Los Angeles Rams which should’ve put holes in a lot of people’s point totals last week. The Jacksonville Jaguars loss over the Washington Redskins was another game that was a high point base pick and was semi-surprising. There should less upset picks this week but there absolutely will be some so keep on your toes. Some games to look out for are the Kansas City Chiefs @ the Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons, and Denver Broncos vs the Oakland Raiders.

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