Week 1 Base Pick Points: 83
(This is the score you would’ve gotten if you stuck with just our base picks).

Season Base Pick Points: 83 (yeah the math was pretty hard on this one)

Almost. ALMOST hit the Cleveland pick! I would’ve looked like a genius had they been able to hit that field goal in OT. Alas, a tie helps because at least everyone else who picked Pittsburgh also got zero.

How did you do last week?
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Updated Wednesday 6 PM ET

Here are the free first look Base Picks for Week 1. 


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Updated Wed 6 PM ET

Welcome to Week 2! The high risk picks green picks aren’t as good this week, but the medium risk yellow picks are looking good. 

Green Picks: 1. Indy 2. Buffalo 3. Cleveland 
The Browns make another appearance in the green picks again, but not as good this time with only a 21% win probability. Indy is decent at 29%, but it is 10% picked.

Yellow Picks: 1. Cincy 2. Miami 3. Tampa Bay
The Bengals are the best overall pick this week, with basically a 50% win probability but only 26% picked. This is a good pick to go all in on, or at least bump up your pick higher.

Blue Picks: 1. Dallas and Pittsburgh 2. Minnesota
Dallas and Pittsburgh are good candidates to bump up higher. Minnesota is next, in my league full of Packer fans going high on the Packer opponent may be a good move.

My Pick: I’m definitely leaving the Rams at 16. Anytime I get a win probability that high (90%) I’m not going to mess with it. I’ll move Cincinnati up, and probably Pittsburgh too. I’ll let the rest ride.