Week 1 Base Pick Points: 91 (corrected from 92, it was a tiebreaker issue on my spreadsheet)
(This is the score you would’ve gotten if you stuck with just our base picks).

Season Base Pick Points: 175

Hit the Cincinnati pick, missed on the Pittsburgh pick. Would’ve taken first had the Pittsburgh pick hit. 

How did you do last week?
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Updated Thu 12:30 AM ET

Here are the free first look Base Picks for Week 3. Yes I said I was going to stop giving these for free after Week 2, but I’m on the road right now so I’ll give it one more week…


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Updated Thu 12:30 AM ET

Hey all, here’s a short write-up for today… Just wanted to get these out to you. Will update with my picks a little later. 

Green Picks: 1. IND 2. ARI 3. NYG – These are around average this week, win probabilities in the 30% range. Worth a shot if you’re going for a weekly win or are down early. 

Yellow Picks: 1. WAS 2. NYG, NOS – Washington over Green Bay (boo) is the best money pick this week, with a 42% win probability and only 11% picked. Jets and Saints are next best with almost 40% win probability, but double the percent picked so you’re not going to get as much separation. 

Blue Picks: 1. PIT 2. SEA 3. MIA – Pittsburgh is the next best pick this week, with a great 54% win probability and only 37% picked. If you want to take some risk but not too much, Pittsburgh would be a pick to move up. 

My pick this week: I’m going with Washington at 15 (keeping Minnesota at 16 since they’re over 90% win probability) and then sticking with base picks for the rest. Yes, it hurts to pick against the Packers, but I’m also in a league full of Packer fans so that may help me.