Week 4 Base Pick Points: 96 

Season Base Pick Points: 342

A lot more favorites won this week, making our base pick points higher. My Dallas and Oakland picks both hit, but I was going pretty conservatively since I was doing pretty good overall. I ended up in 4th place, just out of the money, but I’m in 2nd place overall. 

How did you do last week?
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Here are the picks for Week 5:

Green Picks: MIA, OAK, WAS – Picks are OK this week, around 30% win probability. Not great, but if you’re out of it you might as well take a shot at one of these.

Yellow Picks: 1. NYJ(!) 2. DET 3. BUF – The Jets are the best overall pick this week, with only 16% picked but actually slightly favored! I’ll be bumping these guys up, the question is how much risk do I want to take since I’m in 2nd place overall.

Blue Picks: PIT – If you’re risk adverse, Pittsburgh has a win probability of 62% but only 57% picked. Not as good as Jets with only 16% picked though…

My pick: It’s more fun to all in and try to win a pick, but I’m in second overall so I have to play it safe (#humblebrag). I’ll be bumping up the Jets to around 9-10. If I were ANYWHERE lower, I’d prob go all in on the Jets and pray!

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