Week 5 Base Pick Points: 94

Season Base Pick Points: 436

(These are the scores you would’ve gotten if you stuck with just our base picks).

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets came through as the money pick of the week (see last week’s Premium content). Vegas knew what they were talking about when they made them slight favorites over Denver. I ended up taking 3rd place as I bumped the Jets up to 9, putting me in the money for the week, but more importantly keeping 2nd place in the overall standings. Did you take the Jets? If so were you in the money?

How did you do last week?
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Here are the Premium Picks for Week 6:

Green: 1. Tampa Bay 2. Buffalo, Denver – Tampa Bay is your best bet here, with a pretty good 38% win probability but only 10% picked. Buffalo or Denver are good if you want to take more risk.

Yellow: 1. Washington 2. NYG – Best overall pick is Washington this week, very similar to the Jets from last week. They’re slightly favored but only 21% of the people picked them. NYG have the same 20% picked, but only 41% win probability.

Blue: New England – Strange one this week, the Patriots are usually over-picked because, you know, they’re the Patriots. This week, they’re only 57% picked despite a 64% win probability. A good pick to bump up this week.

My Pick: I’m still in 2nd place overall, so need to stick with mostly base picks. But I do plan on bumping NE up to 13 and Washington up to 10. This is a good week to take some risk, the win probabilities are low so there will probably be a lot of upsets and low scores. 

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