Week 7 Base Pick Points: 84

Season Base Pick Points: 621

(These are the scores you would’ve gotten if you stuck with just our base picks).

How did you do last week?
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Tough week if you went big on a money pick, although Cincinnati and Tennessee came really close to pulling off the upset for those you who took them! Only Detroit, a minor blue pick, came through. The good news is I stuck with mostly base picks to protect my lead, and held on to first place overall!

It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?

Here are the Premium Picks for Week 8:

Green Picks: Tampa Bay and NY Jets. If you want to take a shot, Tampa Bay is a good pick this week at 32% win probability and 7% picked. If you want to take a big shot, the Jets are 26% win probability but have only 2% picked.

Yellow Picks: Baltimore and NYG. These are great picks this week, both are over 50% win probability. NYG gets you more bang for the buck, at only 20% picked. 

Blue Picks: None. The yellow picks are better than any blue picks this week. 

My pick: Since I (humblebrag) am in first place, I’m once again going to stick with mostly base picks. I’ll move Baltimore and NYG up a few points since they’re relatively low risk. 

My pick if I were going for the weekly win: I’d go with Tampa for 12 and move Baltimore OR NYG up to at least 7, if not 11 if you really want to take a shot. Slot everyone else down accordingly.

Updated Wed 6:00 PM ET