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Miami, here we come! KCC vs. SFO and it should be a good one.

Aside from the first drive of the game, it felt as though KCC was going to score on every drive. Give the Titans credit for hanging in, but by the 3rd quarter and the Chiefs up two scores, the writing was on the wall. Tennessee wasn’t able to dominate with Derrick Henry in the second half as they did in previous games.

SFO showed that their earlier 37-8 shellacking of the Packers was no fluke by going up 27-0 at half time. Green Bay showed some signs of life on offense in the 2nd half to make the game somewhat watchable, but ultimately could not get enough possessions as the 49ers and the run game drained the clock and rarely ended drives without scoring.

Regular Season Recap:

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Regular Season Total Base Picks: 1439 points

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Here are the picks for the Championship Round:

Base Picks (what are base picks?): Updated Friday 11:22 PM Pacific

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Same thing as last week, if you’re up, you’ll want to stick with the favorite (KCC). If you’re down, you’ll need to rely on the upset (SFO)

Strategy for Playoffs (1-11 points) – Conference Championships

11 (0 points) – ten @ BAL divisional game (-9.5) – The Titans dispatched the SuperBowl favorite Ravens and have the tools to beat the rest of the teams in the playoffs.

10 (10 points) – hou @ KCC divisional game (-9.5) – KCC went down 24-0, but woke up in the 2nd quarter, scored 7 straight TDs, and never looked back. Reminder of last year’s game against NE, but they ran out of time in that one.

9 (0 points) – min @ NOS wild card (-7.5) – Welp, we did a decent job predicting how the point spreads would net out for the base strategy. Unfortunately, the Vikings pull off a massive upset.

8 (8 points) – min @ SFO divisional game (-7.0) – SFO easily took out the Vikings

7 (0 points) – ten @ NEP wild card (-5.0) – Another upset, but not nearly as surprising as the Vikings win. The Titans had been playing very well and the Patriots were going in the opposite direction.

6 (6 points) – gbp @ SFO – NFC Championship game (-7.5) – See above – SFO controlled almost every aspect of the game and cruised to a 27-0 half time lead. The Packers could not stop the run as the 49ers piled up 285 rushing yards and coasted to victory.

5 (5 points) – ten @ KCC – AFC Championship game (-7.0) – The Titan’s Cinderella run came to a screeching halt as KCC was able to keep Derrick Henry in check (16 for 69). The Chiefs offense looks unstoppable now, but they haven’t really been tested in these playoffs yet.

4 (4 points) – buf @ HOU wild card (-2.5) – The Texans narrowly escaped this one, but we’ll take the win.

3 (3 points) – sea @ GBP (-3.5) divisional game – GBP went up 21-3 against the Seahawks with a balanced attack. Russell Wilson and Seattle’s offense woke up in the second half and Packers fans everywhere had nightmare flashbacks to the 2015 playoff matchup. Green Bay hung on though and advanced.

2 (2 points) – SEA @ phi wild card (-1.5) – A hard game to watch if you were on the Eagles side, but Seattle takes down Wentz and the game.

1 – Super Bowl – KCC (-1.0) and sfo – This game pits Mahomes’ high flying offense against one of the best (if not the best) defenses this year. On the other side, Jimmy G and Raheem Mostert will face a KCC defense that held their ground against the rushing leader, Derrick Henry. Should be a good one!