Welcome to 2020 NFL Season – Post Season edition! Here is our review of WC week:

Green Picks (Season record: 10-21)

The green pick for WC week was: Colts v. Bills

Unfortunately, our green pick did not hit. Colts was unable to pull off the upset over the Bills. It was a close game, but Josh Allen led the bills to his first post season win! Bills will face the Ravens this week in its division round. 

Yellow Picks (Season record: 11-8)

The yellow picks for WC week was: Rams v. Seahawks

Our yellow pick hit!! Lead by the best player in the NFL – Aaron Donald, the Rams pulled off the upset over Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Jared Goff came into the game and help led the Rams to the upset as well.

Rams will face the Packers (and likely MVP – Aaron Rodgers) in its division round.

Blue Picks (Season record: 8-5)

The blue picks for WC week was: Ravens v. Titans

Our blue pick hit! Ravens successfully won its matchup over the Titans. Ravens bottled up Henry and Lamar went off and led them to the victory. Ravens will face off against the Bills this week.

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NFL Post Season Division Round Weekend Money Picks

Note: given there are no automatic charts (end of regular season), we manually inserted the charts for this week’s games, as well as the money picks.

Money Picks:

High Risk Pick Games (Green Pick): Rams v. Packers

Picks: Los Angeles Rams. The Rams has close to 30% chance of winning, and under 10% of people who are picking them. This makes them our green (high risk) pick for this week!

Medium Risk Pick Games (Yellow Picks): Ravens v. Bills

Pick: Ravens. Ravens has over 40% chance of winning, and higher than 20% of people who are picking them. This makes them our yellow (medium risk) pick for this week!

Low Risk Pick Game (Blue Pick): Saints v. Buccaneers

Pick: Saints. The Saints have higher than 60% of winning, and under 60% of people who are picking them. This makes them our blue (low risk) pick for this week!



Here are suggested base, low, medium, and high risk picks. We’ll let you decide how much you want to go for it! See this post for more on taking the right amount of risk