Welcome to Week 16 of the 2020 NFL Season! Here is our review of Week 15:

Green Picks (Season record: 9-19 )

The green pick for week 15 was: Falcons v. Buccaneers and Browns v. Giants

Unfortunately, neither one of our green picks hit for week 15. Both Giants and Falcons were unable to pull off the upset over their respective opponents. Falcons had the chance to pull off the upset, but the greatest QB of all time – Tom Brady, led a furious comeback in the second half (reminiscent of Super bowl LI in 2017) and stole the game from the Falcons. Both the Giants and the Falcons will look to rebound in week 16.

Yellow Picks (Season record: 9-7)

The yellow picks for week 15 was: Dolphins v. Patriots

Unfortunately, Patriots was unable to pull off the upset over the Dolphins. The Patriots free fall season continues. With the loss, Patriots will guarantee a finish of a season with more than 10 losses, which will be the first time since 2004.

Blue Picks (Season record: 5-5)

The blue pick for week 14 was: N/A

We did not have a blue pick for week 15.

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