Welcome to Week 8 of the 2020 NFL Season! Here is our review of Week 7:

Green Picks (Season record: 5-10)

The green picks for week 7 were: Eagles vs. Giants; and Texans vs. Packers

Unfortunately, neither one of our week 7 green picks hit. However, it was very close as Eagles scored the winning touchdown right at the end of the game!! Eagles will face the Cowboys in week 8, while Giants will face the Buccaneers. Texans had no chance to beat the red-hot Packers. Texans will have their bye week this week, while the Packers will face the Vikings.

Yellow Picks (Season record: 5-3)

The yellow picks for week 7 were: Washington Football Team vs. Cowboys; and Lions vs. Falcons

Both of our yellow picks hit! Washington Football team beat the Cowboys, while Lions beat the Falcons at the buzzer! Falcons continued its terrible way by choking away leads/game(s). Atlanta sports teams are having a rough fall season (including the Braves). Falcons will face the Panthers, while Lions will face the Colts.

Blue Picks (Season record: 3-4)

The blue pick for week 7 was: N/A.

We did not have a blue pick for week 7.


Week 7 Points

The # of points for week 7 if you had kept the picks as base, if you chose our green, yellow, or blue pick(s) and set them up as 14 (highest value possible) and kept the remaining games as base value. Note: we cannot do cumulative points for our money picks since each week the probability of the (green/yellow/blue) picks hitting are different.

Base: 88 points

Green: (either one of Giants or Texans as CP 14) – 71 points

Yellow: (Lions as CP 14) – 88 points

Blue: N/A


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