Week 1 Review
Season Record:

Green Picks (1-1)

The green picks for week1: 1) Bills vs. Jets, and 2) Eagles vs. Washington Football team

Our (green/high risk) Washington pick hit! Washington had 30% chance to win the game, and they successfully pulled off the upset win over the Eagles. Eagles led 17-7 at halftime and left 20 points unanswered (Washington Football team scored 20 points after half time) to lose the game! Injuries to Eagles’ special (defensive cornerbacks) team and inconsistent play from QB Carson Wentz led to Washington’s upset win.

Eagles will try to rebound vs. the Rams in week 2, while Washington aims to get its second win vs. Cardinals

Yellow Picks (0-2)

The yellow picks for week1: 1) Seahawks vs. Falcons, and 2) Titans vs. Broncos

None of our (yellow/medium risk) picks hit. Broncos was on the verge of upsetting the Titans until Titan’s kicker made the game winning field goal (the kicker had missed the previous 4 kicks in the same game).

Broncos will try to rebound vs. Steelers in week 2, while Titans aims to get its second win vs. Jaguars

Blue Picks (0-0)

We did not have blue picks for week 1. The original pick was Lions vs. Bears. However, after Lions lost its wide receiver Kenny Golladay to injury for week 1, Lions winning % dropped from 60% to 58% (it was a good call as Lions ended up losing the game 27-23 when its running back – De’andre Swift dropped the game winning touchdown pass from QB Matthew Stafford).

Lions will try to rebound vs. Packers in week 2, while Bears aims to get its second win vs. Giants

Week 1 Pick Points:

Base Picks: 85 points (the amount of points you would have won had you chosen the base picks)

High Risk Picks: Washington: 97 points (had you chosen Washington via 16 confidence points with everything else remain the same (base picks))

Med Risk Picks: N/A – None of our medium risk picks hit

Low Risk Picks: N/A – we did not have medium risk picks for week1

2020 Season Total:

Base Picks: 85 points (after week 1)

Here are the week 2 FREE BASE PICKS, along with confidence point(s) inputted for the respective game(s):

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Here are the PREMIUM PICKS for Week 2. This is the last week of a sneak preview for premium picks. Starting next week, only premium members will have access to these. Become a premium member now.

This week’s picks are the following:

High Risk Pick Games (Green Picks): Packers vs. Lions AND/OR Bills vs. Dolphins

9/19/20 (Saturday) Update: N/A; the % of winning and % being picked remain unchanged from Thursday.

Picks: Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins

Both the Lions and Dolphins have close to 30% of winning probability, but the % of being picked are less than 5% (4% and 2% respectively), which makes them this week’s best high-risk high reward play.

Other possible options for high-risk high reward play (which are close) are the Saints vs. Raiders (Raiders – 32% win probability, 8% picked Raiders), and Ravens vs. Texans (Texans – 26% win probability, 6% picked Texans). The winning probability and the % picked are close enough where choosing them may also be viable options.

Medium Risk Pick Games (Yellow Picks): Colts vs. Vikings

9/19/20 (Saturday) Update: Indianapolis Colts % of winning increased from 61% to  63%. The % picked also increased from 23% to 27%. However, even with the % increase, Indianapolis Colts still comes out to be a great medium and low risk play for week2!

Picks: Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts is the medium risk pick for this week. Their % probability of winning is 61%, yet the % picked is at 23%! Not only would this be a great medium risk (yellow) pick, it is also worth noting this could be a great conservative (blue) pick, since the % of winning is over 60%.

Low Risk Pick Game (Blue Pick): None, though Colts vs. Vikings is an option (see Medium Risk pick analysis above).

Below is a sample template of the Low/Medium/High risk picks to insert confidence points based on the selected PREMIUM pick(s), which are part of the Premium Membership.

Note: in the sample, we chose to ONLY put the max confidence points for Lions (high risk) and Colts (medium/conservative risk) respectively. You are welcome to choose one or two other money picks (of Lions, Dolphins, Colts, Raiders picks in your chart). This graph is simply for reference.