So we’re in the middle of Week 8, just long enough to see where our teams are headed. Are you jockeying for first place? Middle of the pack? Near the bottom? Not really sure? I thought I’d give you a few tips on what strategies you might want to consider depending on where you are right now. This advice is assuming you are rewarded for a season win as well as weekly wins.

I’m doing great (near the top in overall standings)

Well lucky you. You’ve either gotten lucky and hit some money picks, or your league takes on too much risk and you’re just chugging along with base picks. Either way, you probably want to take a low risk approach for a while. Stick with bumping up blue picks or high win probability yellow/green picks to try to steal a weekly win while shooting for the overall season win.

I’m in the middle of overall standings

You’re doing OK but not in the money most weeks. If you’ve been sticking with mainly base picks, this may be because the base picks have run a little cold so far this year. They should rebound a bit on-going, but you probably want to go for it a little more in the coming weeks to see if you can win a week and maybe vault yourself into contention again.

If you’ve been going all-in or high on green or yellow picks and whiffing, do this test: Go to the page where it shows a single week result of how your league picked (and how they did). Look to see if your losing green/yellow pick had hit, would you have won? If so, then you’re doing good and stay the course. If not, you may need to take more risk going forward. Don’t worry, going with more risk is much more exciting in my opinion!

I’m in the bottom of the standings

Boo. The good news is you don’t have much to lose, so you can go for it in future weeks. But, you should check to make sure you’re not taking too much risk. You could be taking too many upsets or not taking the best value upsets (green or yellow picks). Double check the recommended strategy, that is to take one or two money picks (green, yellow, and/or blue) at maximum or almost maximum points and keep the base picks for the rest. If you’re going off base picks too much, you’re liable to have a very low score as well. The other thing that could be happening is you’re doing the right strategy, but your money picks just have not hit. In that case, stick with it… the law of averages will catch up.

Best of luck for the next part of the season!