About Us

Hello! Thanks for visiting. This site was started a couple years ago when my dad invited me to be part of his company’s confidence pool league. I googled around for confidence pool strategies and couldn’t find anything, so as I started figuring out things I started blogging about it, starting on my blog daleting.com.

I’m an engineer by education, and a big sports fan, which follows that I enjoy analytics. The book Moneyball changed my life. I wanted to use a more analytics based approach to this league that the “I think Atlanta will beat New York because their left tackle is 10-1 in games on turf after a short week.”

I’m a big Packer fan, and a proud owner of 1 share of Packers stock and number 38,338 on the season ticket list. I was also born in Dallas, which makes my dad a Dallas Cowboys fan (and trickled down to me as well). Not a bad 2 teams to be a fan of (6 Superbowls and 5 Superbowl wins in my lifetime).

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do. I also hope it brings you many wins, bragging rights, and of course cash!