About Winston Lee

I am a sports and gaming nerd that has been playing fantasy football since middle school (1993). Yes, those were the glory days before the internet, where we waited for the Monday newspaper to tally up scores manually in a notebook. I also graduated as an engineer from the University of Wisconsin, hence the connection to badgers. My whole life has been spent analyzing data and as the annoying guy who takes too long when playing strategy games. I started playing Best Ball in 2017 and it has absolutely fascinated me in terms of finding an edge against the competition. I want to share my insights with you and hope to learn from the fantasy community as well. As an aside, I love food and can talk about food for hours. Also, dad jokes. If someone could tell me a punny joke while feeding me a flame-broiled piece of fantasy football, that would be the life.

The Boom Club


This week, Best Ball Badger is going to take another look at players that can give those boom games and

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The Last Picks


In today’s article, Best Ball Badger will discuss what type of player you want to be picking up in the

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The Importance of Variance


What is Variance? The top three definitions from are: the state, quality, or fact of being variable, divergent, different,

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