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Free one-on-one help: The CPP Doctor is IN!

First place, 3rd place, 10th place, so far down you don't even appear on the front page? Want some advice on what strategy to take in your confidence pool now that we're 12 weeks into the season? You're in luck! The Confidence Pool Picks doctor is in the house![Check out our first diagnosis: Two bad weeks] Just drop two screenshots into

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Evaluating your picks from the past week

Your week is over, and you ended up not in the money. What do you do now? Do you need to take more or less risk? This post assumes that you aren't in contention for the overall season win, and you're going for the weekly win (as are my picks right now). The first thing you should do is the

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7 weeks in and doing great/panicking. What do I do now?

So we're in the middle of Week 8, just long enough to see where our teams are headed. Are you jockeying for first place? Middle of the pack? Near the bottom? Not really sure? I thought I'd give you a few tips on what strategies you might want to consider depending on where you are right now. This advice is

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