Last week I had the pleasure of attending my very first Lambeau Field Packer game. It was quite an amazing experience. I had two friends buy airlines tickets two days in advance to join my dad and I at the game.  We all know what happened with the catch/non-catch!
If you haven’t seen our Wall of Fame lately, you should take a look. It’s starting to fill up nicely, including our first “Dynasty” Level sponsor. If you need some electronic design engineering, you want to take a look.
Packer Banner Small
On to the conference championship round. It’s coming down to the wire as we head into the Conference Championship round! There aren’t many surprises being so late in the season and only two games left. Win probabilities and percent picks are pretty close together, so basically if you are down, go with an upset. If you’re down a ton, go with two upsets.

Best of luck!