Reader @bwitt30 requested my thoughts/analysis on a playoff confidence pool where you rank all 12 teams playoff teams prior to the first games. Here’s what I came up with.
I used Vegas odds to calculate an implied probability (much like the regular season picks), except for the 2nd round, which I couldn’t find any odds for. For those picks, I used simulation models from another website. I ranked the teams according to the number of wins you can expect for each team and assigned confidence points accordingly:

The data that’s missing is the “public picked” data that would give us our money picks. I actually tried some Google searches to come up with this data, but the searches kept resulting in this site… Which is flattering but not helpful. So, my recommendation would be to use the above as the base picks, and pick one team to go all in on and hope they win the Superbowl. For a bigger league, choose a more surprising team.
Hope this is helpful, good luck to all!