Here we go… the last game of the season. It’s a doozy, the Advanced NFL Stats model gives it a perfect 50/50 split:

Most people are picking Omaha Denver, but the odds are very close. This would be a great time to go with the Seattle upset. However, in a situation when you’re up less than the number of points available, it gets really interesting. I’ve been conversing with @Terry, who’s in the last game leading by 4 with the last game counting for 16 points. Here’s the situation:

Assuming it’s a 50/50 chance either team wins, “Me” has a 75% chance of winning. If you’re in “me” position, you should take the favorite, which is slightly Denver. But there is an interesting situation here where it’s so close, and there’s clear favoritism to Seattle even though it’s basically 50/50.
If you know your opponent well, try to pick the same team he/she is picking. If not, I would almost suggest going with Seattle if you’re in the lead. There’s a good chance, as the supposed underdog, your opponent is going that way. And if you pick it also, you’ve won. If not, there’s still a 50/50 chance you’ll win anyway with Seattle winning.
Good luck @Terry!