Hello out there. I would say I’ve gotten over my denial and have now moved to bitterness over the Packers epic collapse two weeks ago. But I have emerged from being locked in my room long enough to provide some Super Bowl picks to people who need it.
Before I post the extremely dramatic and exciting Super Bowl picks (preview: it’s basically 50/50 with 50/50 people picking each team, so not much you can do),  I’d to thank all of the people who sponsored. Not everyone who sponsored asked, or responded to me, to be on the Wall of Fame, but thanks to everyone nonetheless. For those of you who are now getting your league payout and want to share the wealth, take a peek on the Wall of Fame page.
I also thought I’d give a quick plug for the two other products I sell. The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner is a formula that had a cult following, was discontinued, and I resurrected it. Basically does a great job with soap scum in the bathroom, but people have been using it for stuff like their wheel rims, washing machines, outdoor furniture, etc. Take a peek, if you’re interested let me know and I’ll send you out a coupon code. The product is named after Bucky the Badger.
The other is a gourmet BBQ smoker, fit for outdoor kitchens, called the Tremore Breeze. It keeps a perfect temperature for hours using real wood and charcoal. You should taste the ribs it makes.
Anyways, without any more adieu, here are the official Super Bowl picks.

As I mentioned above, there really isn’t much you can do with these picks. 50/50, 50/50. I personally would like to see both teams lose. But good luck to you, hope this week brings you a win!