Year in Review (Part 1)

It's a new year and football season is almost over. We would be remiss if we didn't talk about how the season fared and what we learned. For this week, we'll talk about the picks from last season. Next time we'll finish it off by figuring out what we can do help our future best ball drafts. Assessment of Our Drafts

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The Boom Club

This week, Best Ball Badger is going to take another look at players that can give those boom games and a little oomph to your Draft lineups (  There will be a big emphasis on WRs as the position tends to stay healthier and have more potential contributors to the starting lineup.  RBs on the other hand get a lot more

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The Last Picks

In today’s article, Best Ball Badger will discuss what type of player you want to be picking up in the last few rounds of the draft (  We’ll also highlights some players that we believe are worth a late round flyer. The last two rounds of your Best Ball team are similar to undrafted players for NFL teams.  Undrafted players come

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The Importance of Variance

What is Variance? The top three definitions from are: the state, quality, or fact of being variable, divergent, different, or anomalous. an instance of varying; difference; discrepancy. Also called mean square deviation. Statistics. the square of the standard deviation. Divergent, anomalous, deviating from the mean/average, abnormally high or low scores - That is VARIANCE.   We want variance in our fantasy

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Key Components of Winning Teams

Last week we gave an overview of the makeup of typical winning Best Ball lineups in terms of numbers at each position.  This week, we’ll break down what types of players were part of league winning teams. Best Ball Badger will also highlight players from this year’s draft that fit the mold. We looked at the same 348 teams as last

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