The latest update has changed a bit, as people are starting to figure out which teams are resting starters and therefore changing the picked percentages. So, I decided to create a new post this time. Best of luck, I know many of you are going for a season win!
Updated Sat 12 PM Eastern


Green Picks: Tampa Bay, Cleveland
If you need to take a gamble to try to land in the money, these two teams are good shots. Both are at 28% win probability with only 2-3% picked.
Yellow Picks: 1. NYG 2. Houston
The Giants are the best medium risk pick here, with only 13% picked.
Blue Picks: 1. Denver, SF 2. Dallas, Tennessee
The yellow picks from before have turned into blue picks, as people have figured out that teams such as KC and the Rams are resting their starters. They’re still pretty good, but if you want to take a shot they may not be enough by themselves because the good pickers probably are up to date on the new win probabilities.

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