Welcome to Week 10! Sorry about the delay… been on the road, so I’ll cut to the chase today. Hope you had a good Week 9!

Base pick score from last week: 69
Base picks for this week:
Updated Sun 12:00 PM Eastern


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Updated Sun 12:00 PM Eastern

Update Thursday: There’s been a bunch of shifts in this update, a few have flipped from underdog to favorite. 
Green picks:  Miami over SD is the best green pick. If you want to take a bigger risk, Seattle over NE would be your next best shot. Update Thursday: Add Cleveland as a light green pick. 
Yellow picks: Philly, Jacksonville, and Tennessee are pretty good yellow picks this week. Update Thursday: Philly has fallen out, and the Rams and Cincinnati have been added. Quite some movement here. Jacksonville is looking stupidly good and is now favored. Update Sunday: Removed Tennessee, but only other yellow picks are higher win probabilities. Add LA to the mix, but it’s a little high on % picked at 26.
Blue picks:  Really good blue picks this week, Pittsburgh and Chicago are both over 50% win probabilities but only 35% and 29% percent picked.
Good luck!