Hello everyone, need to get these picks in a little early as I will be traveling all day tomorrow.
Congrats to @Eagle who took first place in his 55 team league by going all in with Indy and bumping up three other money picks!
Base picks score: 55

Without further adieu, here is Week 10:

Green picks: Two this week, Ten (32% win prob, 6% picked) and KC (29%, 4%). Update 11/12: I added in Cleveland over Pittsburgh (30%, 9%). 
Yellow picks: Four this week, 3 of them were close to being green picks. You can see them above. :). Update 11/12: There is one really good yellow pick, that is Washington over NO (48%, 19%). Two other ones include Jac over Bal (31%, 11%), and Mia over Phi (29%, 10%). 
Blue picks: A really good one, TB over Dallas (54%, 40%), and a second one with Sea (61%, 64%).
Since I am posting this early and probably won’t have a chance to update anything (Update 11/12: I did end up able to update!), I am offering up my spreadsheet to everyone who subscribes to the email list. You’ll be able to update the Moneyline probabilities manually, and the public picked % too if you so desire.
If you haven’t subscribed to the email list here, you can do it right here and the sheet will be sent to you right away!
Good luck!