Welcome to Week 10 of the NFL season! Lots has happened in the past week.
@Ironclad tested the strategy of going all-in on picks using a computer simulation. Check out his excellent write up. I use the learnings from his analysis in the recommendations for this week, and also re-wrote the Confidence Pool Pick Strategy page based on it as well. You might want to check it out, it lays out step by step how to win
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And now on to Week 10…
Last week, I went big with Miami over San Diego, and I bumped up Dallas vs Arizona. Miami blew out SD for a money pick win, but last week I elected to go with two money picks (a blue and a yellow). Unfortunately Tony Romo didn’t suit up and it’s not good to rely on former Cleveland Browns QBs to bring you a win. The only green pick last week didn’t pan out, as the Giants lost to Indy. So the right money picks last week would’ve been a Miami and Minnesota combo.
This week’s picks are also very reliant on Mr. Romo. No Moneyline data is available yet because of this. Jacksonville becomes a no-brainer money pick if Romo doesn’t play, so keep up with the news until the last possible moment if you’re looking to pick them as your upset pick.  There are no blue picks this week. There are a few yellow and green picks, although they aren’t very high in win probability. Perhaps things will change by the Week 10 update on Saturday.

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Green: Major contrarian picks
Yellow: Medium contrarian picks
Bold: Home teams (Jacksonville and Dallas are playing in London)
See the new strategy page for an explanation. But in a nutshell, if you’re going for a weekly win, go all in on one of the green or yellow picks.
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How did you do last week?
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