There’s a difference between a mistake and a choice that just didn’t happen to work out. When you take a calculated risk, such as going high on a money pick, and your pick doesn’t win, that’s not a mistake. When you pick Jacksonville to win instead of Dallas because you clicked on the wrong button, that’s mistake. Unfortunately, I would’ve had first place had I not made that mistake!
Week 10 showed all three green picks panning out. Cleveland, SF, and the Jets all won. I completely dissed the Jets last week, and they showed me that upsets do happen!
This week, I added college football confidence picks. I basically use the same strategy. If you know of anyone who is plays in college leagues, let them know! Also this week, @Ironclad published reports on which money picks would’ve been best in his smaller and larger leagues.
On to Week 11:

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Green Money Picks (pick one and go high or max to try to win the week): Philly over GB, Ten over Pit, or Buf over Mia.
Yellow Money Picks (pick one high and add a blue to try to win the week): NYG over SF or Houston over Cle
Blue Money Picks (pick one high in with a yellow, or use as bump ups): Ind over NE, KC over Sea.
I moved up the rankings into 6th place last week (despite the Jacksonville debacle), so I might look to play a little more conservatively this week with not so good green and yellow picks. Considering only bumping a blue pick up to 12.  If I do go with a green, I think I’ll do Buffalo for 12 over Miami. I wouldn’t recommend a yellow plus blue combo this week, the win probabilities are too low.