Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan, where the wonders of the internet allow me a little taste of home (FOOTBALL!!!). I slept through last week’s carnage of favorites dropping like flies (also received texts and phone calls at 5 AM local time regarding the Packers debacle), I can’t remember another time where there were 10 upsets. So last week’s base picks were very low.
Week 10 Base Pick Score: 31
I on the other hand took 3rd place, which is in the money. I went with a double bump of Washington over NO and Tampa over Dallas.

This week, the games are a lot more even according to the Vegas odds. Also, the public picked follow the Vegas numbers more, so the money picks aren’t very good this week.

Green: The Green picks this week only have a 24% win probability, with Buffalo over NE (24% win prob, 5% picked) and Washington over Carolina (24%, 5%).
Yellow: The Yellow picks don’t look that much better, with Indy over Atlanta (29%, 15%) and TB over Philly (29%, 12%).
Blue: Min (53%, 43%), Bal (55%, 55%), and KC (59%, 64%) are better.
This week, it may make sense to go with all base picks or to go with two blue picks. The green and yellow picks don’t look great.
Best of luck!