Welcome to Week 11! It was a tough week last week, as there were a lot of upsets. I ended up 4th last in one league, that’s what happens when there are a ton of upsets AND your money picks don’t hit. How did you all do? My mom and dad took 1st and 3rd at least.

Base pick score from last week: 36
That’s very low, indicative of all the upsets. But fear not, that should not be typical.
Base picks for this week:
Updated Sunday 9:00 AM Eastern


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Updated Sunday 9:00 AM Eastern

This week is strange… A lot of green picks and a lot of blue picks. It looks like a lot of people sticking with favorites this week, despite all the upsets from last week.
Green picks:  Houston, Jacksonville, and Philly are the best picks. But Baltimore, Chicago,  Tampa Bay, and Cleveland are all in the mix as well.
Yellow picks: None so far. Update Thursday: Buffalo is now a yellow pick at 25% picked. 
Blue picks:  A whole bunch this week, with Minnesota and future Hall of Famer Jared Goff’s LA Rams leading it. Indy and Washington are also good blue picks. Update Thursday: Rams have dropped off. Guess no love for Goff. Update Sunday: Now Minnesota is a blue pick.
Good luck!
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