It was a great week to go with base picks last week, as there were only two upsets last week. Unfortunately future hall of famer Brock Osweiler couldn’t come through with me and my Houston money pick. Congrats to @BWitt30 for winning his 92 player league!
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Base pick score from last week: 91
Base picks for this week:
Updated Sunday 10:15 AM Eastern


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Updated Sunday 10:15 AM Eastern

Update Wednesday: Not much has changed. Still mostly the same picks. 
Green picks:  The best money picks this week is Tampa Bay, with Arizona and Cincinnati following close behind. All of Jacksonville, NYJ, LA, and Washington are good money picks if you want to take some risk. Update Sunday: Green picks have now fallen into place, as Arizona, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland are the best ones. 
Yellow picks: Carolina and Kansas City are next best yellow picks, but not too much of an advantage over the green picks. I’d stick with the green picks. Update Sunday: Cincinnati has now fallen into the yellow picks, but one of the better ones. 
Blue picks:  San Diego is the only one that’s halfway decent. Only 52% win probability, but 45% picking them.
Good luck!
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