Week 12 showed a lot of bloodshed; six underdogs won, including a 10 point underdog (Jacksonville) and a 9 point underdog (Tampa). My Green Bay Packers under Matt Flynn “To Win” Tie ended up tying the Vikings, meaning everyone loses. My dad’s all in pick of SD over KC panned out… but in my haste, I did not enter his pick into the Yahoo league! I guess it’s good he ended up out of the money, and he’s not in the running for overall #1 points scored either. I ended up with 46 points, and Dad with 54. Had Flynn been able to pull it out – and I remembered to enter in his picks – he would’ve been in the money.
It’s hard to feel bad when major underdogs win. It just doesn’t happen that much. Overall standings show me in 2nd place this week.