Welcome to lucky week 13! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m sure all the Chicago Bears fans on this site are gloating over the win over the Packers, and I also have to say that would’ve been a great money pick from last week. Anyone go that route and win?
My dad informed me that I did not give him credit for his first place finish in his 60+ player league in week 11. So add him to the list of winners of people who read this site! (He went high on Tampa Bay for the win).
Week 12 Base Points: 86

Week 13 follows. Pittsburgh and Indy don’t have a line yet, so the win prob is a guesstimate based off the point spread. Check back for any updates. Update Thurs 12/3: The Pittsburgh vs Indy pick is in.

The green picks are back! This week, SD (34% win probability, 8% picked) is the best green pick, followed by St. Louis (29%, 6%), NO (25%, 8%), and SF (25%, 4%).
Yellow pick is Dallas (35%, 13%) and Indy (30%, 13%)
We have one really good blue pick, the Jets (55%, 38%) over the Giants. Buffalo (61%, 65%) is a lesser blue pick.
Good luck!