Week 12 continued the trend of lots of favorites winning, which should help boost points for most people. After the Sunday afternoon games, I had a perfect score going in one of my leagues with a Tampa Bay all in money pick upset. Alas, I it was a bittersweet ending to the Monday Night game as a Packer loss would’ve gotten me first place, but instead they decided to win.
But, as usual, someone else won in CPP nation! Congrats to @Nick Ward for winning his 27 team league. Anyone else finish in the money? Take a victory lap in the comments section!
Also, per popular request, I’ve added the point spread to the picks table.
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Base pick score from last week: 117
Base picks for this week:
Updated Saturday 7:45 PM Eastern


Updated Saturday 7:45 PM Eastern
Green picks:  Buffalo is the best green pick, followed by Jacksonville. The light green gambles this week aren’t even that good, as Carolina and Houston have 9% picking them. Update Thursday: The light green ones have gotten better, down to 6% and 5% picked, but still only 27% win probability. Update Saturday: Light green has gotten better. 
Yellow picks: Minnesota and Miami are yellow picks, but there’s a better green pick in Buffalo that has the same win probability. Update Sunday: Not as high on Miami, and Minnesota already lost. 
Blue picks:  Arizona is an OK blue pick if you want to bump up a pick. Update Thursday: Cincinnati has snuck in as a blue pick. Update Sunday: SF and Cincinnati have rocked their way up to great blue picks. 
Good luck!
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