Welcome to Week 13, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all in CPP Nation! Make sure you get picks in before Thursday as there are 3 games going on.
I certainly hope Week 13 is luckier than Week 12, as the Jets money pick resulted in a disaster. The Seattle blue pick worked out nicely, and anyone who took a gamble on Oakland would’ve profited too. Yellow pick NYG had a lead with 3 minutes left in the game, but lost to Dallas. TB held an early lead against Chicago but couldn’t add on.
There’s been a lot of discussion about when is it right to go with a  weekly win strategy vs the overall win. I know for my league, I’m now in 11th place, so it’s time to start going for weekly wins. The good part is sometimes getting yourself a weekly win propels you higher in the standings for the overall league too.
Edgar also has run a bunch more data to see what strategies help you straddle the overall vs season wins. I haven’t had a chance to go through them all yet (he’s very extensive!), but one interesting strategy is the double favorite all-in (which would be a double blue).
This week all the teams are playing, so a full schedule of 16 games. This gives us a lot more options in terms of money picks.

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Blue picks: Green Bay over New England, Buffalo over Cleveland, and SF over Seattle.
Yellow picks: Philly upset over Dallas, KC upset over Denver.
Green picks: Atlanta over Arizona, Jacksonville over NYG, and TB over Cincinnati.
I’ll probably go with Atlanta or Jacksonville for 15 points this week, and consider bumping up GB.