Since Week 13 occurred over Thanksgiving, I was home to make my picks and got to sit next to Dad while he made his picks. I showed him the post from my site last week, and he based his picks off of it and also went with my all-in contrarian picks. (After discovering the payout for first place overall, we decided that I would go the safe route and try to win the league, and my dad will go with the all-in pick route to try to win the week). He ended up taking first place, as Atlanta upset Buffalo to make that happen, and Minnesota beat Chicago in OT after Chicago inexplicably attempted a 47 yard FG on first down and missed. I ended up taking 7th, but overtook first place in the overall standings.
It was a really fun Sunday as Dad and I watched these games on the NFL Red Zone channel. We actually had conceded the Minnesota loss (he was in the basement filling up the water softener with salt, which is the ritual when I come home because I help him with the 40 lb bags), and I was shocked when Red Zone switched back over to the game and I saw Adrian Peterson break off that run and set Minnesota up for the field goal.
Anyways, in moment that any son loves to have, Dad asked me today to send him my chart for Week 13 so he can make his picks off it. Apparently he now sees the value of using win probabilities instead of gut feel. 🙂