Welcome to Week 14 of the season! I know all of my fantasy league teams are out of the playoffs, but the Confidence Pool lives on…  Week 13 showed a more normal week, with a more normal of 4 upsets. Unfortunately, none of them were our money picks. Anyone win anyway?
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Base pick score from last week: 86
Base picks for this week:
Updated Sunday 2:25 AM Eastern


Updated Sunday 2:25 AM Eastern
Green picks: Jacksonville is a great green pick again this week. They seem to be in the money picks every week, but have yet to win me any money!!! Houston, Cleveland, and LA round out the green picks. Saturday update: Houston, Baltimore, and Chicago are now “light green” picks… not as good as the green picks, but if you want to take a shot…
Yellow picks: The best pick here is Buffalo (again, see Jacksonville). NYG, NO, and Tennessee are other options. Tennessee is borderline, as 28% is a bit high, but the win probability is also high. Saturday update: Giants are still borderline, but I took them off bc there are so many better yellow picks. 
Blue picks:  SF and Miami are the blue picks. I sure hope SF fares better than last week against Chicago. Saturday update: Miami is out as a blue pick. 
Good luck!
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