The end of the regular season is upon us! Welcome to Week 17,  and I hope this year has been a profitable one for all of you! First games are tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern, so we have a few extra days this week to allow the Moneylines to settle in.
Before we get to the good stuff, I wanted to thank you all for reading this site. It’s grown a lot since last year, with an email list of over 800 people. Hopefully it’s brought you some (or a lot?) of wins. If you’d like to share the wealth a bit, take a look at our sponsorships… you can let the world know how well you did this year,  and support the time and effort it takes to keep this site going. They start as low as $10.
Also, I’d love to hear your feedback on how to improve this site for next year. Vote on this poll, or put your thoughts in the comments section.

And on to business:
Congrats to @Taylor Dailey for winning his 98 person league for the second week in a row last week! Anyone else? Take a victory lap in the comments below.
Base points from last week: 77

On on to this week… As usual, the Tennessee pick has no line, and its win prob is based off a different site:

Green picks: Jacksonville (29% win prob, 7% picked) and Oakland (25%, 7%)
Yellow picks: There is an awesome yellow pick this week in Dallas (65%, 23%) who’s actually favored and only 23% of the people are taking them. Other picks are SF (39%, 14%) and Phi (38%, 16%). Tennessee (33%, 11%) is also a pretty good yellow pick if you want to take more risk.
Blue pick: An OK blue pick in Chicago (51%, 56%), but if you want a blue pick that’s so good it turned into a yellow pick, go with the Dallas pick.
It’s been a pleasure, and I hope you all take home some cash this year! I’ll be back for the playoffs, for those leagues that keep going through the NFL playoffs.