With no Thursday or Saturday games this week, this is your best chance at using the latest data to win one more week! I will be posting playoff picks for those who have leagues that run through the playoffs. It’s a bit more of a crapshoot, with less teams and more even teams, but we’ll give it a shot.
I’d like to give a few specific thank you’s. One, to Edgar (@Ironclad) for his extensive computer simulations in estimating the best chances of winning a week vs winning for the season. Also, to the folks who were regular contributors to the discussions, including @John and @AM.
I’d also like to thank the first wave of sponsors! I’m working to get their information and put them on our Wall of Fame soon. If you’d like to sponsor, check out this page. Finally, having some fun with Google Analytics, here are some stats for this website from the beginning of the season up to now:

  • Pageviews: 86,226
  • Sessions: 39,106
  • Users: 15,200

The state of Illinois brought in 33% of the total users and the city of Chicago itself account for 13% of all users. Thanks to all of you for being good sports as I cheered for my Packers!
And without further adieu, the final update for the 2014 regular season:

There is this thought that teams with something to play for will do better against teams that don’t, however there also is the dynamic that teams are playing spoiler, and the fact that the people making up these Vegas odds know this too.
Nevertheless, I’ve grayed out the teams who have nothing to play for just for info. One interesting matchup is SF vs Arizona, in which SF has nothing to play for, but Ari is starting a 3rd string QB.
Finally, Washington has dropped into the money picks as a green pick.
Good luck and hope many of you who are in the hunt can win your league, or those who are out of it can win your week! See you in the playoffs.
*Correction: Tennessee has nothing to play for, I got them confused with Houston. Thanks all for catching