Thanks to everyone for the kind words about this site! We had over 1000 hits last week. How did you do last week? Leave your methods, results, and brags (or tears) in the comments.
For those of you who picked St Louis very high last week, it didn’t work out as Shaun Hill went down with an injury and the Rams got blown out. But for those of you who dropped New England down, or even picked the Miami upset, you did very well. My dad, who became a believer in the site midway through last year, came in third place in Week 1 in our league. His homer pick of Dallas beating SF came back to cost him a first place finish.
Without further adieu, here are the picks for Week 2:
Week 2
The color coding are potential picks to help you move away from the pack; if you’re trying to win single weeks, or if your league is very close, you might use these color codes to differentiate yourself. Light green are games where you can differentiate a little bit, dark green are larger opportunities for differentiation. Move green games up. Red is the opposite, move them down if you want to differentiate, or even pick the upset if you want to take a gamble.
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