Week 1 has come and gone. Many of our money picks were oh so close to hitting. San Diego was up big the whole game only to lose in OT. The Jets lost by 1 point to Cincy. Terrance Williams decided to run out the clock, costing Dallas the game against the Giants. Jacksonville kept it close against the Packers, but couldn’t pull it out. Washington on the other hand just sucked, which lost @muzikgeorge first place, prompting his comparison of Kirk Cousins to a beloved hated Bears QB.
Update: If you went with just base picks last week, you would’ve gotten 89 points. 
However, Detroit and Tampa Bay did hit for us. As did the Vikings. If you went with these teams as your money pick, you probably did well! Anyone hit on those?

Saw some posts in the comments section from the Week 1 post that some of us were close. How did you do this week? Let’s hear it in the comments!
And on to Week 2! Please note, the Seattle vs LA game is preliminary. Most of the Moneyline data isn’t in, I’m thinking it’s because of Russell Wilson’s ankle. So check back in later in the week, or better yet subscribe to the mailing list if you haven’t yet and I’ll let you know. The data I did find shows Seattle to be not favored that much actually.
Base picks (FREE) – Updated Saturday 9/17 at11:00 PM Eastern

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Base and money picks:Updated Saturday 9/17 at 11:00 PM Eastern

Money picks for this week:

  • Green picks: LA is a great pick, but as I mentioned above this may be preliminary. Check back for the Thursday update. Updated 9/15: LA’s chances have gone down significantly. They’re still a decent upset pick but no longer the best. Cincinnati now joins the green pick club as their % picked has dropped to 10% . Miami, Cleveland, TB, and LA are all decent green picks. Update 9/17: And now add Cleveland to the green mix. 
  • Yellow picks: Minnesota is a great pick, a 46% win probability with only 14% picked is great. Yikes I just looked over and they’re playing my Packers…
  • Blue picks: Chicago and Houston. Chicago is a great all in or bump up pick with a 64% win probability. Update 9/17: Washington just became a pretty good blue pick, with Houston dropping off. 

So there they are! Hope you all did well last week, take a victory lap or cry in your beer in the comments below.