Week 3 greets us with a lot of upset opportunities. The upset pick of the week is The New York Jets over the Chicago Bears, with a 59% win probability, but only 23% of the people on Yahoo picked the Jets. For the myriad Bears fans that read this website, are you willing to pick against your team for an upset? It costed my dad in Week 1 when he picked his Cowboys, but helped him in Week 2. If you pick against them,  you’ll win either way…  So which way will you go?
If you want to go a different direction, Detroit over MY hometown Packers is another choice. I’m sure the Bears fans would rather go that route. If you feel like taking a gamble, the St Louis Rams are basically 50/50 with the Cowboys but only 19% are picking them.
Overall, it might be a good week to stay with the base picks since there is a lot of contrariness built into the base picks anyway. Seattle can’t get any respect, a 68% win probably but only 67% of the people choosing them despite trouncing Denver in the Superbowl last year.
Upset pick of the week: New York Jets over the Bears
Gamble pick of the week: St. Louis over Dallas
Good luck!
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