Hello CPP Nation… I’m going to try something a little new this week. Many people have asked me to get the picks up earlier, which I’m happy to do, however many times the data will change as the week goes on. So, what I’ll do is to post preliminary picks and then do a full write-up on Wednesday, and recap last week’s action.
Week 2 Recap – Base point total (if you didn’t pick any money picks and went straight up): 86
Congrats to @Taylor Dailey for winning his 97 team league this week and @Holden March for winning his league too! Anyone else in the money? Post in the comments, and who you picked to win.

As for me, I was a Chicago Bears win away from winning my league too. My pick was Minnesota over GB (sad) and Chicago over Philly. Although it sucks for me personally, it is kinda satisfying as a Packer fan. 🙂
Updated Thursday at 6:50 PM Eastern: Minor changes, New England is now favored by a little bit. 
Updated Saturday at 1:45 AM Eastern: Oakland is now favored over Tennessee. 
And here are the Week 3 base picks:

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Updated Saturday at 1:45 AM Eastern

Green Picks: The best green pick is Buffalo, with only 4% public picked but a 36% win probability. Washington and Philly are other picks.
Yellow Picks: Tennessee is the best one here, with 27% picked but a 54% win probability. Tennessee has disappeared as a yellow pick, as now Oakland is favored. Atlanta and the Jets are yellow picks now, but not that great. May be a week to stick to green picks.
Blue Picks: Cincinnati is your best bet, 46% picked but a 62% win probability
What I’ve discovered in my leagues is I need to piggyback a yellow with a blue pick to get first place. My leagues are about 50 people. I’ll have to see if one green pick hitting works or not. Good luck this week!