This week was painful. The Bengal’s “People’s upset” over the Patriots came true as Tom Brady got picked off to seal a Cincinnati 13-6 victory and break his streak of touchdown pass games at 52, 2 short of Drew Brees’s record. However, it did nothing to help my cause as I ended up in 15th place with 66 points. Top teams had 79, 77, and 74 points. The pick I made for my dad, the Tennessee upset over Kansas City, didn’t pan out. He ended up way down the list.
Two games, if they swung differently, would’ve netted me 4th place. That would be the NYG/Phi game where Philly pulled it off with Nick Foles, and the Arizona/Carolina game. However, neither game was really in doubt.
For my dad’s pick, Ryan Fitzpatrick, filling in for an injured Jake Locker, made a valiant effort for us but fell short in the 4th quarter. The upset there would’ve netted him 3rd place.
I just have to chalk this week up to bad luck. The first five weeks of the season has seen 4, 4, 6, 6, and 6 upsets (Vegas odds upsets). The system works best when there are less upsets, and by definition there should be less in the long run. However, one concern I do have is I needed more than one game to swing differently to get me to first place. Most of my “if only” scenarios only would net me 3rd or 4th place. I’ll need to take a look at this ongoing. Maybe the league is picking differently? (Are some reading this blog?) Maybe the oddsmakers aren’t accurate? Maybe it’s just outlier behavior?

That’s me, way down at the bottom at 66 points. I wasn’t last though, dad was even more below me… but I picked for dad.